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Love Is Not Enough:

Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail The Test

    It turns out that getting along with other people can be an enormously challenging task. Who knew? This is especially the case when romantic couples decide to move in together. Keeping relationships on the rails usually takes copious amounts of hard work, tears, dedication in the face of adversity, and chronic stress that can take years off of your life. It may also lead to significant blood loss, legal fees, and court proceedings. In fact, stepping back and looking objectively at the big picture, at everything that can feasibly go sideways in a relationship, it is a complete wonder that more relationships do not fail. Certainly, love is not enough to make our connections last, or to protect us from the anguish of heartbreak.

Failure Is Natural


    A positive way to look at it is that the failure of relationships is an entirely natural process that is inevitable, and expectable. One upside of that is there are many, many millions of people stuck in bad relationships. Just think about it: when unhealthy relationships fail, it immeidately and effortlessly improves the situation. The people directly involved in the relationship are obviously better off. But there are others surrounding the relationship that also receive tangible benefits.

    Friends and acquaintances no longer have to listen to all the emotionally-charged tales of the latest drama, confusion, and resentment. Family members can stop pretending that they like the ex, which will increase trust, and bring them closer together. And those closest to the reluctantly-back-on-the-market person will also have the opportunity to really be there for them and show how much they care. It's a fantastic win-win. So the next time you're going through a breakup, just remember that despite the pain you are feeling, you're most likely making the world a better place for everyone, just by being single.

Where We're Headed

    Humans have been making the same mistakes with relationships as long as we have existed. That's a long way of saying 'We have issues', which we do. This report is an exhaustive effort to gather all the reasons why relationships fail under one roof. While it will not fix everything, we believe this knowledge is important to help people avoid common pitfalls in relationships. We cannot help but grow from having a more accurate sense of where things stand with our loved ones, and to see ways that we can improve. Learning about the ways relationships can fail fortifies our resolve to show up and put in the work to make our relationships successful. The more we educate ourselves about what can go wrong, the better we will be at preventing problems.
    There is a lot to digest here, so it's important to recognize that, no matter how bad things are, change is always possible. And, as we already pointed out, sometimes the best change that can happen is the failure of a relationship. But, usually, there is an opportunity to look within and change some dysfunctional aspect of our own personality that's contributing to the problem. Maybe you don't want to do that. But if you do, and your partner hasn't already left the picture, there's still a chance. As you read through these areas of difficulty, look for similar patterns in your own relationship. You'll probably tend to focus on ways that your partner is doing things wrong, so make a concerted effort to look for ways that you contribute to the dysfunction. May we be fortunate enough to find ourselves with someone who has enough patience to put up with our flaws.

Trigger Warning! This report may be somewhat overwhelming for sensitive people. If, at any point, you start to feel disillusioned with your own prospects, it might be a good idea to take a break for some deep breathing and snacks.