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I Don't Trust You Anymore:

Dealing With Betrayal In Love Is Hard

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    What do broken promises, lies and cheating have in common? Is your partner stealing your grandmother's silverware for to pay for her coke habit? Did he accidentally sleep with your sister? These are just some questions you might want to consider.

Lack of Physical Safety

    Did you just catch her putting anti-freeze in your coffee? Was he just arrested for hiring a hitman to kill you? Did you realize after your latest "fall" that he's a sadistic bastard, and now you need a restraining order to make it all stop? Did she just cut off your penis? #Lorena Yeah, maybe it's time to get out.

Lack of Sexual Safety

    If you're married and he doesn't stop when you say no, it's still rape. If your needs don't matter to him and your job is to 'shut up and put out', it might be time to rethink things.

Lack of Emotional Safety

    Do you experience public humiliation or constant insults? Does she call you names and belittle you? News flash: you might be in a bad relationship.

Lack of Psychological Safety



    Nothing dooms a relationship like lack of respect.

Lack of Fairness

    Fight to win the argument, not problem solve. Hits below the belt.

Boundary Violations

    If your partner intentionally ignores your boundaries, it's hard to feel close.

Cling Much?

    You spend every waking minute together. There's no room for you to be alone. He wants to know where you are at all times. Now that he's cut you off from all your family and friends, there's no escape.

Polyamory vs Polygamy