Entropy Rules

Missing The Mark:

Stressful Relationship Core Values In Conflict

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    Does he refuse to support your decision to get a tattoo of Hillary Clinton on your face?


    Why won't she just get on board with your plan to donate all your belongings to the Church of Scientology?


    If you just realized that racism is wrong, and he's not willing to drop his hatred of crackers, it might be time to move on.

Lack of Shared Goals


60) Lack of Friendship 63) Lack of Growth 50) People Change 51) People are Fickle 28) Lack of Balance a. Unequal division of labor b. One partner does all the decision making c. Power dynamic 57) Different Expectations a. Traditional Gender Roles b. Stereotypes c. Expectation is the root of all problems 58) Different Directions a. You want different things in life 59) Different Desires a. One partner wants kids, the other doesn’t 61) Not Growing Together 71) Growing Apart