Entropy Rules

Quality Connections:

Wise People Make Time for What They Want

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a. No Social Life

        You moved across the country to be with him. You left behind your family. You don't have any friends. You never go out.

b. Outside Interests Don't Exist

    You never do anything fun together or apart. You live a monotonous life. There's no adventure.

c. Extended Physical Seperation

    They probably really did care about you. Then you went down for that lame armed robbery charge. Military Deployment Long Hours at Work Visa Problems Long Distance

d. No Relaxation

    Chronic Stress, On Edge

e. Excessive Baggage


f. Too Much Time Together/Not Taking Time For Yourself

    Loss of identity.

32) Complacency Having Kids 43) Neglect a. Quit Courting b. No Fun 46) Lack of Gratitude 66) Ghosting Seperation Taking A Break