Entropy Rules

Starved For Affection:

When Relationships Lack Intimacy Interest

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No Sex

        Is she depressed and just lost interest? Is he getting his needs met somewhere else? Ouch. It's less bad if the problem isn't intentional. Maybe the two hundred pounds he's put on over the years is the cause his erectile dysfunction. It might just be time to hit the gym!

No Touch

        The sex is fine but there's a lack of non-sexual touch. If you're not 'doing it' you're not close. There's no cuddling or hugging.

Emotional Wasteland

        He's a cold fish. He doesn't know what he feels and doesn't know how to talk about emotions. If either partner doesn't know how to open up and be vulnerable, there's no way for emotional intimacy to develop. Physical intimacy isn't always enough to keep people together.

Mental Gymnastics

        You always knew he was slow, but he was just so damn cute! You're obviously way smarter than your partner and have to explain basic concepts over and over again because they just don't 'get it'. Discussing ideas with him is a painful chore. If your partner is frustratingly inferior in the brains department, the connection probably won't last.

Lack of Affection

        Flirting with other people constantly.


        Not wanting to be exclusive, not wanting to get married, wants to try polyamory.

29) Lack of Passion 79) Lack of Support a. Not supporting goals/dreams b. Not listening c. Not giving compliments d. Not reassuring 80) Withdraw a. Withholding affection and attention