Entropy Rules

Love Is Not Enough:

Lack Of Interest, Indifference In A Relationship

    Nothing kills a relationship like taking your partner for granted.

Falling Out Of Love

    Sometimes people reach the end of their ropes and they just don't want to 'make it work' anymore. Exhaustion takes a toll and your partner keeps obsessively talking about taking a break or giving up. If your partner feels "empty" and is no longer willing to put in the work, there's nothing you can do.

General Discontent

    No matter how much you try, it's never enough. Clue #1: He's embarrassed to be seen with you in public (maybe it's your hunchback?). Clue #2: Has he ever said: 'You were a rebound', 'I was settling' or 'I can do better'? Clue #3: He never lets you meet any of his dumb friends. The real problem is that he doesn't actually like you, or he just met someone he likes better.

Perfectionism/Unrealistic Standards

     "Also, many people expect their partners to fulfill their expectations completely. It’s almost as if their better halves are beholden to bring their ideal picture of romance to life."


    They like you, just not enough to be exclusive.


    Unwilling to fight for the relationship.

Not Accessible

    He won't make eye contact. He won't talk. He's got a thousand projects to take care of and people he needs to go see. He doesn't call.


    When you reach out, he doesn't respond. He's unwilling to work on things or change his behavior. If your problems with the relationship are "your problem" and your only options are to eat your feelings or leave, it's only a matter of time. He's "tuned out".


    He knows you care about your kids and want them around. He sees how important it is to you. He listens to you and understands all your reasons. The problem is, he doesn't care enough to do anything.

36) Lack of Patience a. Rough waters 39) Lack of a Spark