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Through Sickness and Health:

Illnesses And Injuries Take A Toll

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Researchers have found that 1

Debilitating Injuries

    He was so perfect in the beginning. After the accident, you kept hoping that he'd get better and you could get back to the loving relationship you had. But the traumatic brain injury isn't going away and he won't stop screaming. You have to do ALL the chores now. Total paralysis for the win!


    Stress can take a toll on any relationship. Dealing with cancer is stressful. Therefore, cancer can take a toll. The healthy partner will be expected to sacrifice a lot to be there for the other. It's just a fact that some people aren't ready or willing to deal with these type of events. Hopefully, your partner has adequate morals or enough social pressure to stay. #peaceout

General Hygiene

    There's nothing that makes people think 'I need something different' like someone not bathing for a week or not knowing how to properly brush their teeth.

Cosmetic Issues

    Sudden, morbid weight gain? Check. Extreme boob sag? Yep. Teeth rotting out from all the meth? Right. It happens. The question is, how superficial is your partner?

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