Entropy Rules

To Make It Difficult:

List Of Character Defects Personality Flaws

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a. Narcissists and Psychopaths

    Believe it or not, your partner not having a conscience is a huge deal. Is everything always your fault? Is blame a one way street, even on a 'good' day? Do they refuse to take responsibility for anything at all, even minor things? Narcs can be hard to detect, since they are masters at manipulating people. You usually don't realize what you're dealing with until things get really bad. It's definitely time to do some research after you've moved out.

b. Emotional Regulation Issues

    Let's face it, relationships are hard enough on their own. Throw in some chronic depression or anger issues and things start to get interesting. The half gallon of vodka in the laundry room she doesn't think you know about isn't helping.

c. Lack of Confidence

    He's insecure and worries you're going to cheat on him every time you have a conversation with someone else. The problem is that, deep down, he really doesn't believe in himself. The insane jealousy and possessiveness are just symptoms. Something fundamental needs to change and it's not your job to wait around for it to happen.

d. What The Hell Is That Supposed To Mean?

    She can never laugh at herself or joke about her flaws. Relationship issues are always a super serious and overwhelming topic and there's no way to light-heartedly take the pressure off. Combine no sense of humor with other toxic traits and things can get miserable in a hurry.

e. Overpursuing


f. Ego

    Lack of Humility “I can have another you in a minute”.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Brain Injury Controlling Lack of Accountability Defensiveness 52) Not Facing Issues a. Inability to Talk About a Problem 41) Lack of Integrity a. Manipulation 42) Lack of Empathy 34) Lack of Transparency 35) Lack of Accountability a. Victim Card 31) Unreliable 55) Rely on Partner to Validate/Make You Happy 54) Lack of Ambition 65) Lack of Potential 67) Lack of Living Up To First Impressions a. Waking up to who they really are b. Love is Blind c. “I tried to make him the person he pretended to be when I met him.” 70) Nagging 73) Lack of Independent Personality borderline personality disorder relationships manipulation anxiety in relationships symptoms] Stubborness