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Appendix B:

References to Key Mindfulness Constructs

    Mindfulness has also been operationalized in various ways. Descriptions of the mindfulness constructs used in this paper are included below.

Trait (Dispositional) Mindfulness

    One of the ways mindfulness has been operationalized is as a stable personality trait, or an aspect of individualĂ•s temperament or disposition. One of the most widely used trait mindfulness measures included in this review is the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ; Baer et al., 2006). The five facets of mindfulness were discovered by running a factor analysis on a collection of other trait mindfulness measures that had been used previously. The five facets of trait mindfulness are:

(1) observing,
(2) describing,
(3) acting with awareness,
(4) nonjudgment and
(5) nonreactivity.

State Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is also understood as a temporary mental state, such as the state of mind that is cultivated during formal mindfulness meditation. State mindfulness is also typically measured with self-report (e.g., the Toronto Mindfulness Scale; Lau et al., 2006).

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