Entropy Rules

Entropy Rules

All Aspects Of Our Lives

Abandoned Factory

    The beginning of all things predicts their inevitable demise. There is just no getting around it: everything tends to decay and disintegrate. Cars rust, ice cubes melt, animals go extinct, and relationships come to an end, one way or another. Whatever we are dealing with, and whatever circumstance we happen to find ourselves in, it is all in the process of transitioning into the past. Even the universe itself will eventually grow cold, dark, and inhospitable to life. The closer we look at our situation, the clearer it becomes: Nothing is sustainable. Nothing is going to last. There is no real stability to be found, or any reliable thing that does not go away.

Impermanence Of Life

    Does the fact that everything is breaking down around us mean that we should just give up? In a sense, yes. We should definitely give up imagining that we can stop the inevitablity of impermanence, that the rules will somehow not apply to us. We should also consider giving up the notion that things can be relied upon to remain as permanent fixtures in our life, to always be there to make us happy. In reality, our efforts to avoid loss and pain are just as ineffective as the bottom of the ocean trying to avoid pressure.

⇲ entropy | n.

• the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity.
• a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder; gradual decline.
• broadly: the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system.

Embrace The Changes


    We are deeply entangled in an incessant struggle with the darkness of the unknown, never discerning what's going to happen, or how things will turn out. In fact, the only unwavering feature we can count on in this world is relentless change. But even though we know that everything is passing away, it is still possible to acquire significant meaning and purpose in our lives. They key lies in our willingness to allow things to be as they are, in our commitment to not resist what is. Admittedly, this can be quite difficult for us to do in practice because we tend to get attached to things we like, and to avoid things we don't like. We desire for there to be something solid for us to hold on to.
    The mere act of being aware of our precarious situation amplifies the depth of how much the people in our lives mean, increases our appreciation for everything we have, and enhances the value we place on our own life. Knowing that these things won't last forever makes them more precious. That's why embracing the fluctuation we encounter motivates us to get our urgencies in order. What are we all about? What do we want to accomplish and contribute to the world? Are we passionate about the way we are choosing to live? Now is the time to prioritize things that serve our greatest purpose. NOW is the time to be adaptable and show love to those we care about, before 'later' becomes too late.

⇲ rules | v.

• exercise supreme authority or power over often harshly or arbitrarily.
• really good or the best; the opposite of sucks.
• n. things that are made to be broken.